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Thanks for your e-mail I have just received delivery of the pencils and I have to say that the whole process has been really excellent. I am thrilled with the quality, and advice I had when choosing the colour for the text. Hope to work with you again in

Shirley Foulkes North Wales Tourism, Twristiaeth Gogledd Cymru
Promotional scale rulers

Promotional scale rulers

Rulex scale rulers

Rulex scale rulers

Metal scale rulers

Metal scale rulers

Scale rulers and drawing equipment.

A scale rule is an essential tool for today's design professionals.  Whether you're an architectural, technical or design student or an established architect, builder, designer or engineer we offer a wide range of scale rulers to suit every requirement.  We even stock scale rulers for model railway enthusiasts. 

At we offer oval (flat) scale rulers, triangular scale rulers and the RIBA approved Verulam brand.  We also sell metal scale rulers and the popular Linex brand. 

You can see a list of the standard sets of scales we offer on our scale selector page.  If you are looking for a specific scale ruler that isn’t shown, please let us know and we’ll be happy to try to source it for you.

custom printed scale rules

Promotional scale rulers:

We offer scale rules printed with your own company logo or custom design.  We can also now personalise VERULAM and RULEX scale rulers with your corporate design.


We also supply promotional scale rulers allowing you to personalise our scale rules with your company  logo.  Further details about our range of printed promotional scale rulers can be found on


slide charts with logo