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Scale cards

Our scale cards are an ideal promotional product for companies targeting construction professionals.

The cards can be completely customised so you can either pick from our standard architects, engineering or OS map scales – or specify your own, metric or imperial.

Alternatively, don’t use it as a scale card at all!  The cards start off plain white (essentially a blank canvas), so you can print whatever you want on them – perhaps use them as a business card, or a handout at an exhibitions.

They’re printed digitally using full colour, so you can have as many colours, tints and graduations as you want in your design.

They are made from 1mm thick white plastic, which makes them extremely durable and their handy credit card size makes them convenient for carrying in your pocket or wallet.

For more details about our scale cards, or any other promotional product, please contact us at or call us on 01206 272020.

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